Farming and Economy

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Farming and Economy

Post by Rathofdemise on Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:37 am

If you haven't found out yet it's time to now.

This game is highly dependent on doing level 45 dailys and the market place.

This game is still in its infancy meaning that what we do now in our efforts of farming will be more important in the near future then it will be at any given time. The market is highly fluid right now part of the reason is people want to get ahead and be the best this drives prices to be higher than normal. Items may sell for 10-20 silver now but later 5-10 as the market gets filled up with items this is just the basics of supply and demand. What you need to do now if you want to be successful in the game in its later life is to look for a segment of the market that you find profitable and act on it. Raise the money you need by farming instances at level 45 which can drop items worth a excess amount of gold. Also do your pvp dailies in the open map as well as arena and normal dailies as the rewards of silver and items you can sell will be at least a few gold. These items are also needed for gear upgrades. I can not stress this enough don't waste your time trying to make a market at below level 45 you're losing more from not doing those dailies then you are gaining. I personally am making a net profit of 20 plus gold a day from my stone market and will be saving up to invest in the next most wanted items on feb 10th when the next part of the game gets released.

You can only join 2 crafting and 2 gathering guilds at the same time.
I am in Soul Wardens, Merry potters with the two related gathering guilds Tree Fellers and Green Thumb.
with these 4 I make Moon Tans stones and these 4 are really the only profitable professions.
Side note you can make an alt level 11 and give him the mats to make other items keep in mind some mats themselves cannot be made by a level 11 since you must reach high level areas to discover the mats. I would make an alt for making pots or pickaxes to save you extra cost. the best part of this game is you tell it to make items for you then you walk away.

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